Learning to live, living to learn



Miss R Byrne (SLT)

(Designated Safeguarding Lead

Teaching Staff













Mrs L Downer (EYFS)
Miss S Pepper ((Year 1) 

Mrs G Undrell (Year 1) 

Mrs V Sykes (Year 2) 

Mrs E Sykes (Year 2)

Mrs K Rose (Year 3)

Mrs E Lines (Year 4) 

Mr D Coverdale (Year 5)



Miss S Pepper 


Supply Teachers

Simply Education


Learning Support Assistants


Mrs C Phillips
Mrs S Hook
Mrs D Jackson

Miss J Morgan

Mrs M Gibson

Ms J A Clarke

Miss K Fox

Miss K Mead

Mrs C Cartmell

Mrs T Norman

Mrs S Tekell

Mrs E Rogers 

Mrs M Scorah

Miss E Saggers

Business Manager


Senior Admin Assistant

Admin Assistant

Supply Admin Assistant

Mrs J McCarthy (SLT)

(Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs S Clarke

Mrs S Perry

Mrs G Evans

Site Agent

Mr L Norman


Miss L Drew

Miss S Lee

Catering Manager

General Kitchen Assistant


Supply General Kitchen Assistant

Kitchen Admin

Mrs P Ridler

Mrs U Jones

Mrs L Bloss

Mrs N Zealey

Mrs K Cobden

Midday Supervisors








Mrs K Holland
Mrs C Brinkler

Mrs M Gibson

Mrs C Phillips

Mrs S Hook

Mrs L Jackson


Mrs T Norman

Ms J A Clark